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Our Strengths & Core Competencies

  • Outstanding interview ratios and resume field-performance track record.
  • Extensive and diverse experience with writing resumes for various industries, professions and occupations.
  • Impressive interviewer and recruiter resume reviews.
  • Keyword-rich, accomplishment-focused, e-mailable resume versions.
  • Targeted resumes to navigate career transitions and challenges.
  • Strategic and substantial resume design, content, rationale, and organization.
  • Resume update services, dynamic cover-letters, thank-you letters, follow up letters, recommendation request letters.
  • Interview guides to help you answer your most difficult interview questions and identify/articulate your unique talents and accomplishments.
  • Excellent recruiter and jobsearch links to broadcast your resume.
  • Confidential, prompt, and attentive customer service.

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Client Testimonials

Hello Susan, THANK YOU so very much for crafting all the content together. An amazing job!
Diana M, Accounting Manager
Good afternoon Ashley, Many thanks for the follow up, I have secured an extremely rewarding position in a major bank. This was after submitting the revised resume. Best Regards, Adrian
Adrian B, Assistant Vice President, Banking